ECi M1™ ERP Software for UK Manufacturers

ECi M1 is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution designed for growing manufacturers in the UK, Australia, and the US. Our customers include job shops, custom and mixed-mode manufacturers, and make-to-order manufacturers. M1 automates and integrates every business process from quoting through invoicing and point of sale (POS). It is also flexible and easy to customise, so it can handle the most valuable and unique business processes with ease.

Features of ECi M1

  • Integrated CRM

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) M1 CRM will help you to nurture existing customers and find and win new business! Organise, automate and analyse the business processes for which there is a customer interaction, keep the edge over your competitors by offering a superior level of customer service! Available as a mobile app and includes a customer self-service portal too.

    • Manage customers and suppliers in one place, all data flows through the system
    • Track sales leads and opportunities throughout the entire sales process, set milestones to predict future potential revenue and lead pipeline accuracy, and analysis of win/loss reasons help you to better understand your product or service in the marketplace
    • When a prospect is converted to a customer, all history is retained
    • Call Management records every communication with customers, prospects and suppliers, including how much time is spent on each call; priorities can be set to ensure Service Level Agreements are adhered to and you can easily manage service contracts and warranties/maintenance too
    • User level 'views' give instant list of actions for individuals to follow-up on and ensures more efficient tracking and management
    • Targeted marketing via email or mail and detailed analysis helps you understand which efforts yield the best results
    • Improve customer service
    • Helps you understand, anticipate and manage the needs of the organisation
  • Quoting and Estimating

    Quoting and Estimating gives you the ability to respond quickly to an enquiry from an existing or potential customer. Accurately quoting for goods and services is key too, not only to ensure you make a margin on each job, but also to accurately state estimated completion dates, taking into account work centre capacity and utilisation. With M1, you have an easy way to efficiently record a sales enquiry, and raise a quotation and convert to a sales order with a works order or purchase order, all without the need to re-key data. With M1 you can create fast and accurate quotations including the ability to quote multiple items with quantity price breaks.

    • Faster more accurate estimates
    • Build BOMS on the fly
    • Up to date pricing
    • Easy conversion to sales orders
    • Copy quote and template functionality
  • Product Configurator

    Product Configurator allows you to configure unique products to your customers' exact needs quickly and efficiently and with an associated Bills of Materials. A rules-based logic wizard means anyone with even the least amount of knowledge will be able to configure a BOM, quote or even a job! Configured parts can generate a part ID, description and price based on rules. It supports all revisions and can include graphics as well as simple instructions too! All of this is possible without the need to maintain a Masterfile with thousands of BOMs

    • Wizard builds your product configurator from a bill of materials, including all sub-assemblies.
    • Accelerate pricing, quoting, and ordering; speeds up key processes by generating prices, quotes and orders online
    • Eliminate errors by providing accurate information to customers and suppliers
    • Makes buying and selling much easier
    • Decrease costs and reduce the need for support in sales
  • Order Processing (SOP/POP)

    M1 automated Order Processing routines give you complete control over your sales and procurement processes, taking time and cost out of these day-to-day tasks.

    Sales Order Management provide a fast, efficient method of booking sales orders as you receive them, including a combination of make-to-order and pull-from-stock quantities. Integration with job management simplifies the provision for bill-of-materials, enabling you to properly manage your job requirements.

    • Create master files on the fly; shortcuts to these files save you time during data entry
    • Improve production planning efficiently by working on multiple orders at once
    • Order tracking capabilities
    • Order activity graph provides a visual overview of orders created over a period of time
    • Job/Order line links allow you to create a job for each order line or link to an existing job
    • Link resellers to orders to calculate commissions
    • Easily converts quote and estimates to sales orders
    • Add detailed bills of material to the order
    • Opt to allocate inventory when sales orders are entered or when jobs are created
    • Automatically create back orders when partially completed orders are shipped

    Purchase Order Management provides the tools to reduce your inventory, boost your cash flow and improve your on-time deliveries. M1 Purchase order management will also help track your suppliers' performances too!

    • Purchasing of materials is tied directly to a job or stock
    • Improve your purchasing decisions by consulting the Planned Material Requirements Report
    • Link external documents to you purchase order through M1 Document Management
    • Create master files on the fly; shortcuts to these files save you time during data entry
    • A purchase wizard will automatically generate purchasing suggestions based on the filters you select
    • Purchase your raw materials directly to your job and bypass inventory
    • Raise purchase orders for subcontract operations in a job
    • Create manual orders and cost them directly to the correct general ledger accounts
    • Avoid unnecessary interruptions to a job by creating additional purchase orders for unplanned materials on a job
    • Back orders are automatically created for partially received purchase order lines
    • Better manage PO receipts via Receipt Management, support multiple POs on one delivery
  • Planning & Scheduling

    Planning and scheduling is at the core of every manufacturing business. Being able to properly manage this complex function will ensure your manufacturing operation runs smoothly and being able to anticipate shop floor capacity issues before they become a problem is critical to your overall profitability. Designed to provide manufacturers with pertinent information to enable improved delivery performance.

    • Get better day-to-day control as well as improved lead times and better decision making
    • Flexible scheduling options including finite/infinite/forwards/backwards will give you the ability to plan, determine bottlenecks and give realistic delivery dates for new orders
    • Manage supply and demand in real-time and perform 'what-if' scenarios to decide whether to re-prioritise jobs
    • Visual tools and reports help keep the focus on resource optimisation identifying under/over-utilised resources and enabling decisions to be made about work centre load levelling and whether to sub-contract, work over-time, or re-train staff
  • Manufacturing, Production Management & Job Costing

    Manufacturing of your products and the planning and monitoring of this complex process is the difference between profit and loss. Keeping track of jobs as they pass through the various manufacturing processes is key and with M1 you will better manage your production jobs whilst keeping a close eye on your costs, including raw material demands. Job costing is simple and accurate with M1 and is automatically updated with every job transaction. The comprehensive reporting provides you with an at-a-glance view of this area of your business including WIP, overhead recovery and job analysis so you can see the profitability of each job and the overall business. Accurate job costing reports which compare your estimated costs to your actual costs are critical to the overall profitability of your manufacturing operations. M1 Production Management allows you to identify production inconsistencies on the shop floor and take proactive corrective actions.

    • Extensive job management including the option to link jobs directly to sales orders, link one job to another, link one job to multiple orders or simply make to stock
    • Shop floor data capture gives real-time data feedback, reduces the overhead in collecting this data and significantly reduces clerical errors. Bar-code, touchscreen and mobile options are all available. The real time work queue, documents, videos and messages can be viewed.
    • In case of a machine breakdown you can easily move operations from one work centre to another
    • Multi-level BOMs allow you to manage complex production jobs
    • Advanced Bill of Materials gives you the tools to effectively manage your simplest to your most complex multi-level assembly
    • Revision control including start and end effectivity dates
    • Bill of material cost roll up including update of sales prices
    • Job Wizard lets you create and update multiple jobs according to particular criteria you select
    • Employee time cards and management
    • Change request management for parts and jobs
    • Find and replace parts
    • Project management
    • Quality control and inspection management incorporating corrective actions
    • Report on scrap, rework and added operations for each job, including reasons for improved analysis
    • A visual progress bar allow you to keep a track of the various stages of each job
    • Compare estimated job costs to actual as the job progresses
    • Attached documents such as drawings, work instructions, testing criteria to the job head, assembly and operation levels
    • Extensive set of job management reports give you complete insight into your jobs
  • Inventory Management, Warehouse & Despatch

    Effective stock control is crucial to ensure accurate stock information, including physical, quarantine and scrap, at warehouse and location level. M1 advanced inventory management provides a superior means of managing complex inventory requirements. Advanced tools such as multiple warehouses, multiple bins, dimensional inventory and part cross references improve control of your inventory. Multiple warehouses allow you to create independent warehouse for each stocking location and this provides the tool to manage quarantine and inspection locations. You can transfer between warehouses, view quantity data by warehouse and bin and record your customers part numbers for cross referencing.

    • Multiple warehouses available including transfers and visibility of quantity on hand by warehouse
    • Manage consignment stock
    • Multiple bin/shelf location including visibility of quantity on hand by bin
    • Specify alternative parts
    • Serial/lot number traceability
    • Cross reference your customer's and supplier's part numbers which will appear on appropriate documentation
    • Automated production of pick lists, packing slips and other necessary documentation
    • Alternative parts let you select available items or those which are more cost effective
    • Bins allow you to control your dimensional inventory based on their associated conversion factors
    • Links to common carrier systems for despatch management
    • Customised despatch notes and labels including bar codes
    • Inventory planning based on manufacture and/or purchase to order/stock, lead times, min and max levels, economic order quantities
  • Business Intelligence

    Business intelligence is key to managing a business' performance and you need accurate, timely and reliable information in order to be proactive and anticipate problems before they arise. With M1 you get access to a set of pre-defined reports and have the ability to create custom reports and dashboards based on the information you need to perform your job role. Drill-down, analyse and visualise the underlying data to help you monitor and analyse your business operations

    • Complete integration with Crystal Reports
    • Over 80 standard reports and 700 KPIs searches out of the box
    • Predict and respond to trends
    • Interactive visual dashboards and tailor-made reports
    • Interactive graphs, pie charts, calendars and maps
    • Gives you a 360 view of your business
  • Quality Management

    Quality and Warranty is key to improve efficiency, productivity and assist you in meeting or maintaining your ISO quality certification.

    • Enter non-conformance to manage, control and analyse your rework and scrap
    • Ensure inspections are carried out on incoming goods, in process or outgoing goods.
    • A quarantine bin ensures that parts under inspection are not used
    • Make claims and recover costs from your suppliers for discrepant material
    • Process return authorisation and returns claims from your customers
    • Address quality issues i.e. track, follow-up, verify and sign off on correction and preventative actions
    • Activate warranty contracts and determine whether a warranty claim is justified
    • Fully integrated with financials
    • Analysis tools provide a quick and simple way to view all quality related data to analyse trends and review improvement
  • Comprehensive Customer Portal Including Webshop

    The Customer Web portal is a mechanism to allow you to communicate more effectively and efficiently across the entire supply chain via a secure web environment. Your trading partners gain access to the information they need, when they want it, which dramatically reduces the number of calls for routine product, price or technical enquiries.

    • Full online web store for your customers to place orders or retrieve quotations
    • Check on stock levels and place call off orders
    • Re-print invoices or credit notes
    • View drawings or other key documents associated with their manufacturing job
    • Logging and tracking of issues or problems
    • Orders are automatically created in M1
  • Integrated Financial Management

    A fully integrated accounting capability allows you to control the financial activities of your company more efficiently. Always knowing how much you owe, when it's due, what you are owed and when you can expect to get paid are the all-important scales that keep your business balanced.

    • General ledger captures and posts transactions created in accounts receivable/accounts payable
    • Maintain budgets by account or timeline to improve financial analysis
    • A highly flexible nominal ledger chart of accounts
    • Posting flexibility allows you to post transactions into prior or future periods without the need to close off the current period
    • Supports multi company/multi-currency operations
    • Fixed asset register allows you to keep track of all your assets from initial purchased right through to disposition
    • Full reporting in real-time which includes full drilldown into current and historical data as needed
  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile solutions allow field-based or staff on the road to stay in touch whilst they are on the go. Access to this real-time data helps them to perform their job more effectively

    • Mobile CRM: Stay in touch with your contacts at all times
    • Mobile SFE: Enable data entry on the move on the shop floor
    • Mobile Inventory Warehouse Pick Lists and Inventory Counts
    • Mobile dashboards. Coming soon
  • Alerts & Automation

    M1 Alerts & Automation gives you the ability to always be on top of your business operations. It acts as a virtual taskforce you can hand-off projects to so you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on the critical success factors of your business. In addition to a large library of pre-defined tasks, you also have the flexibility to create and customise your own.

    • Monitor virtually any aspect of your business so you know processes are running optimally
    • Trigger alerts so when something important happens, you know about it
    • Automate tasks based on important events in the system so you can manage portions of your business without lifting a finger
    • Generate reports based on what happens in the system so you always have the information you need to stay ahead of the competition and run a smoother, more profitable business

With M1, you make the software work for you. Ensure your unique business processes are handled as you see fit. M1 does not force you to fit your business to the software. Additionally, all standard reports can be customized and new reports created using the industry standard Crystal Reports.

Developed for Microsoft SQL Server with a Microsoft Outlook look and feel, M1 runs on Windows 7/8 and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012. This makes the software easy to learn, run and maintain, making it the most cost effective solution.

The Mail Merge function allows you to merge M1 fields into any Mail Merge document. Send documents to multiple contacts at once, and include attachments from within any module. Quickly and easily transmit your advertising material to large groups of contacts and increase your marketing power.

It also integrates with your familiar everyday email and document tools Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Outlook® and Microsoft MapPoint®. State-of-the-art navigation methods allow users to quickly find information.

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7/8
  • Windows Server 2003/2008/2012

Databases Supported:

  • Microsoft SQL 2005/2008/2012/2014