Add-on Modules

Further customise M1 to meet your unique business needs

Each business is unique. Therefore, M1 provides add-on modules so that you can purchase only what you need as your operation expands.

Alerts and Automation

M1 Alerts & Automation monitors your business processes, creates alerts, automates routine tasks and schedules reports. You can monitor virtually any aspect of your business, and the key information you get will help you run a smoother, more profitable business.

Advanced Financial Reporting

Advanced Financial Reporting is a powerful Excel add-in which brings dynamic data from your General Ledger directly into Excel Spreadsheets. Using your spreadsheet skills you can publish executive-quality reports from Excel within minutes.

EasyOrder for M1

EasyOrder is a modern and powerful webshop, order management and self-service web portal all fully integrated with M1. EasyOrder will help you strengthen existing relationships and attract new customers.


Increase the speed of data flow from sales to engineering, procurement, and manufacturing. Streamlining the entire product development process by integrating your CAD system and your M1 ERP solution gives you the edge. Keeping your M1 engineering data accurate and synchronised with your drawings and models is critical. With CADLink, you will see significant improvements in production speed, on-time shipments, and accuracy of M1 data with reductions in costs, scrap, and shop floor errors.

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