Seminars & Training

From implementation through the life of your M1 system, we always have training options

Seminars & Webinars

Training doesn’t stop after implementation. Throughout the year we run a program of online classes and seminars covering a variety of topics. You also have the option to have trainers come on site and provide customised training at your location

Our online classroom delivers training courses across all aspects of ECi M1. Internet-based training provides a cost-effective alternative to on-site or traditional classroom training and our virtual classroom sessions and webinars enable you to learn without leaving your desk and make training fit into your busy business life.

UK Customer Days

At ECi, it is our philosophy to involve both our customers and business partners in the development of our products. There's no better place to share good news and hear our future plans than at our annual UK Customer Day.

ECi Connect Conferences

The ECi Connect Conference user meetings are very popular and valuable events. Connect allows you the chance to receive hands-on training on your software and also to network with and learn from other M1 users. The ECi Connect Conference is held each year in the U.S