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The Ultimate Improvement Cycle

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How's your improvement effort working for you? If you're like many companies today, you've invested enormous amounts of money in training, but you're not seeing enough hitting the bottom line. Like any other investment, you’re expecting a fast and acceptable ROI, but it isn’t happening the way you imagined. Maybe your investment is in Six Sigma and you’ve trained hundreds of people to become Green Belts and/or Black Belts. Maybe you’ve invested a large sum of money training people on Lean Manufacturing. Or maybe you’ve gone the Lean Six Sigma route. So why aren’t you seeing an acceptable return on your investment? You know improvements are happening because you see the improvement reports, but you’re not seeing these improvements fall to your bottom line. Many manufacturers just like you have experienced this same ROI dilemma. The good news is there is a way to turn your improvement efforts into gold.

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